The Lies Behind Kentucky Fried Chicken's "Grilled" Chicken

[img_assist|nid=9|title=|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=251|height=293]Kentucky Fried Chicken recently released a new product, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, in hopes of attracting health-conscious customers. Taken at face value, it sounds great but would you still eat it if you found out KFC was fudging the nutritional numbers to make it seem healthier than it really is? Even if Oprah told you to try it for free? Would you still eat it if a nutritionist told you it still has too much salt in it? How about after you find out that it's not even grilled? Whether or not you consider that as bad as Taco Bell boiling their steak, Yum Foods, the owner of both Taco Bell and KFC, has got some rotten apples.

Update: KFC's Double Down--the bacon and cheese "sandwich" where the bun is comprised of two chunks of fried chicken--flips the middle finger at the nutrition police and takes the crown for the 5 grossest American fast food ideas (via TreeHugger)


Eww! When I first saw the commercial for KFC grilled chicken I laughed my head off. I couldn't believe that people might actually believe that KFC is capable of making anything healthy. The only thing I will eat from a KFC is a side of mash potatoes and a biscuit!