The Truth about Climate Change Solutions

[img_assist|nid=12|title=|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=300|height=300]There was a time when trust was an important part of a company's reputation but it didn't use to be that way until the formation of the Conservative Coalition in the mid-1960's. Then everything changed. We've since let the Conservative Coalition teach us that capitalism shouldn't have any limits since it would regulate itself. Yet, time after time, we see how greed leads capitalism into monopolistic, un-innovative behaviors. We saw that with GM and it's choice to collude with the oil industry to build bigger cars aka SUV's instead of electric cars as shown in the movie, "Who Killed the Electric Car." Today, Japanese automakers own the hybrid market while GM is now owned by the government aka you and I.

Yet, not having learned the lessons of the auto industry, the oil industry is still flying high with the same non-competitive behaviors of the past. This article from Treehugger has succinctly summarized it in quotes from Avatar movie director, James Cameron: Oil and Coal Lobbies Engaged in "Disinformation Campaign to Discredit Science". You can see the first part of the series on CNN at The future of energy: 'It can't be business as usual'. Beyond all the climate change deniers, there's this whole idea of "Clean Coal" that James Cameron mentions. Here's a video on why the term is an oxymoron, Al Gore's New Thinking on the Climate Crisis - TED Talks and Clean Coal is a Dirty Lie.

In order to solve the problem, we were told that Cap and Trade would be our solution but that's not the whole truth either. Here's a video explaining what the fat cats in the oil industry did, The Story of Cap and Trade - YouTube. If we continue to let the oil industry dominate the debate because they're too short sighted to see that they're digging themselves and our economy into the hole, we're also going to let them teach us how to live in a world where we won't just be buying air to throw away money on products like Canned Air - OhGizmo but they'll be required when we make our air so dirty that clean air will be scarce resource to be sold, Bottled Air Concept Preps Us for the Apocalypse - TreeHugger.


hkameya (not verified)

Alan, thanks for bringing up some good points. Too often we focus on a few specific issues alone, but on items of a global matter, we all have the responsibility to understand various aspects of the problem, and we often have to make an undesireable choice among many other undesireable choices.